Do  you know what's involved in a "cleaning" appointment?

The average adult has 28 teeth (minus wisdom teeth) in their mouth.

Each tooth has 5 surfaces above the gum line, which equates to examining 140 areas.

To properly do adult exams during hygiene appointments (which should include: a head & neck exam for cancer, reviewing new X-rays if taken, comparing changes between previous X-rays, and examining 140 areas) it takes at least 10 minutes, not 3-5 minutes (of small talk).

Children have 20 teeth, also each with 5 surfaces.

Children also produce tartar and commonly have excess plaque around their teeth.

Children need to be evaluated and cleaned by a licensed hygienist, not just have their teeth polished by an assistant.

It is against the Virginia Board of Dentistry’s regulations to have non-licensed staff remove tartar or plaque below the gum line.