WE acknowledge dentistry is a private part of personal health and is under the same laws/regulations as any medical office.

Your privacy is protected by our strict compliance with HIPAA laws.

Treatment rooms are private, there are no open bays for strangers to listen to your health information.

We are a professional dental office, not a hair salon.

We are fully digital with no paper charts and no paper forms to fill out.

Any tangible health/personal information is destroyed before disposal.

All digital patient information is encrypted and firewalled above required standards.


WE respect your finances, so we don’t monkey around with your money.

All our patients with insurance are offered the option to have the insurance payment go directly to them, so there won’t be a chance of an overpayment or owing a balance from the procedure.

Every decision our patients make to invest or not to invest financially in their oral health is always respected.


WE believe in protecting our patients and the planet.

Our office offers recycle bins for all paper products and plastics.

Our water fountains offer special filtered water bottle refill stations for our patients and staff.

We choose equipment with lower power consumption to conserve electricity, our equipment is calibrated and maintained on a strict schedule to have optimum performance.

WE want to eliminate


The number of degrees behind a name and all the opportunities someone was given does not command authority.

Instead, authority is earned through continual learning and accountability.

Question and learn every day. Don't let societal fears keep you from the truth.


WE are encouraged to ask questions as children. As we age, society loses patience and tolerance for questions which prevents learning.

Accepting what we are told creates complacency.

Questioning treatment promotes truth, quality, & integrity.

Please do not hesitate to ask us "WHY?"; whether it's regarding treatment recommendations or costs.